Planning a Destination Wedding in Italy: Locations, Tips, & More.

November 13, 2023

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So, you want to plan a destination wedding in Italy? Let’s do it! Italy is a land of art, history, and timeless romance. With breathtaking locations such as Lake Como, Tuscany, Sicily, the Amalfi Coast, Positano, and Capri, Italy offers a myriad of enchanting settings. It happens to be one of my favorite places in the world–and it’s no surprise that couples from all over want to get married with a touch of Italian charm. To make the magic of your Italian destination wedding last, selecting the right destination wedding photographer is paramount. This blog will serve as your guide to planning a dream wedding in Italy, spotlighting the importance of Wild Love & Wanderlust as your luxury Italy wedding photographer and weaving in the beauty of these stunning Italian destinations.

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Step 1: Choose Your Italian Wedding Destination

Selecting the perfect Italian location is a foundational step in planning your destination wedding. Italy’s diverse regions offer a wide range of enchanting options, each with its unique charm. Explore the elegance of Lake Como, the rolling vineyards of Tuscany, the sun-soaked beauty of Sicily, the dramatic cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, and the romantic allure of Positano and Capri. Consider factors like the climate, local culture, and the availability of venue options as well as logistics of travel for any guests you may consider bringing along with you.

Step 2: Set a Budget

Determine your budget before you embark on the planning journey. Destination weddings can range from affordable to extravagant, depending on your choices. Costs may include travel, accommodation, the wedding venue, catering, and, of course, wedding photography. Italy’s settings offer both accessible and luxurious options, so your budget will guide your choices.

Step 3: Secure Your Italy Wedding Photographer

When having a destination wedding in Italy, the choice of a wedding photographer is one of the most pivotal decisions you’ll make. Look for a photographer who specializes in destination weddings and has a deep understanding of the Italian aesthetic.

Consider working with Wild Love & Wanderlust for your destination wedding in Italy and allow us to document your visual legacy and all the adventures you embark for the duration of your wedding trip. Our team specializes in luxury, editorial destination wedding photography, ensuring that every moment is beautifully captured and transformed into a cherished part of your love story.

Step 4: Wedding Planning and Coordination

Hiring a local wedding planner or coordinator is highly recommended for a smooth Italian destination wedding experience. These experts understand the ins and outs of local regulations, customs, and can help you source the right venues, caterers, and vendors who are well-versed in the region.

My most recommend Italy wedding planners are:

  1. Eva Presutti
  2. Eventoile
  3. Frederica Beni
  4. ILES Events

Step 5: Wedding Legalities

Destination weddings in Italy may involve specific legal requirements, such as residency or documentation. Your wedding planner can guide you through these legalities to ensure everything is in order.

Step 6: Choose the Perfect Venue

Italy offers an array of venue options, from historic castles and charming chapels to rustic vineyards and luxurious seaside resorts. Your choice should align with your guest list, budget, and the atmosphere you desire to create. Booking well in advance is essential, especially for sought-after venues in high-demand locations.

My absolute favorite wedding venues & villas in Italy are:

  1. Villa Balbiano in Lake Como
  2. Castello Banfi in Tuscany
  3. Villa Cimbrone in Almafi Coast
  4. Villa Aurelia in Rome
  5. Villa Oliviero in Positano
  6. Villa Treville in Positano
  7. Dimora delle Balze in Sicily

Step 7: Accommodation and Guest Logistics

Help your guests by providing accommodation options and practical travel information. Negotiate group rates with local hotels and offer suggestions for transportation and local activities. A happy and informed guest will enhance your wedding experience. The best part of destination weddings is making your wedding an experience from arrival to departure. Consider welcome events, group activities and more when planning your destination wedding. Wild Love & Wanderlust is happy to document up to a weeks worth of varying wedding events for your destination wedding.

Step 8: Approximate Cost of Italian Weddings

The cost of an Italian destination wedding varies widely. On average, expect a range from $25,000 to $100,000 or more, depending on the location, guest count, and your preferences. This budget should encompass venue, catering, planning, wedding events, photography with Wild Love & Wanderlust, round-trip flights, and accommodations.

Creating Your Dream Wedding in Italy

Planning a destination wedding in Italy is an exhilarating journey that requires meticulous planning. Additionally, choosing a skilled, documentary style Italy wedding photographer is key to capturing the beauty and charm of your story tied in with this romantic country. With the right team and careful organization, your Italian destination wedding will become a memory of a lifetime. Let Italy’s breathtaking landscapes and artistry be the backdrop for your love story.

Remember, your wedding day is a celebration of love and Italy offers the most idyllic setting for this celebration. Follow these steps, enlist the right professionals, and you’ll create a truly enchanting event in one of the most stunning countries in the world. Your Italian wedding will be a dream come true, with your Italy wedding photographer, Wild Love & Wanderlust, capturing every moment in the most exquisite way.

To inquire about dates, pricing and more for wedding photography services, contact us today.

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