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Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should we book you as our wedding or elopement photographer?

If you’re planning to get married on a weekday, we can take on new clients with as little as a couple of weeks notice. If you’re getting married on a weekend date, we typically book out 9-12 months in advance. The sooner you reach out, the higher chance we have your date available. 

Do you ever book yourself for more than one event in a day? What about weekend?

Two weddings in one day? NEVER. Not a chance. Your day is yours exclusively. Two weddings or events in one weekend? Rarely, but almost never. Our goal is to provide you with our absolute best from creativity to energy and beyond. In order to ensure that you get the very best of us, we refrain from booking more than one event per weekend, especially when there is travel involved. Additionally, the majority of our couples book us out for an entire weekend or full week of events so–when you need us, we’re all yours!

Do you offer videography?

We do not offer videography services, however, we are happy to recommend videographers in your area that we love working with! 

Do you work with a second shooter? How many photographers do you work with?

Our work is done solo unless additional photographers have been requested, recommended or is included in a package. In cases where an additional photographer is recommended and even necessary (e.g. weddings with over 100 guests, multiple locations for getting ready spaces, events spread out throughout a large property, or having a sizable wedding party), I have a network of skilled wedding photographers with comparable expertise to consider. When we do bring on more than one photographer for an event, we place great emphasis on ensuring they possess extensive experience at a level similar to ours. It's essential to us that you receive the best possible service, and entrusting an inexperienced photographer would not align with that commitment.

What equipment do you use?

Our equipment includes both mirrorless and DSLR cameras. Our main camera bodies are Canon R6 and Canon Mark 4 and the most commonly used lenses include a Canon RF 28-70, f2, Canon EF 35mm and Canon EF 50mm. We always bring camera, lens and memory card backups and all of our equipment is regularly serviced to ensure it’s in great working order. On request, other equipment is rented as needed (i.e. film cameras, lenses with different focal lengths, etc). 

Do you offer film photography?

On request, we do offer film photography in addition to digital.

What is your approach to capturing weddings?

Our approach is extremely hands-on. From the moment you reach out, we want you to feel like the most important person in the room. The way we document weddings begins with making sure that you have the best natural light for every part of your celebration. Although we can’t always control the elements, we can help you plan your day around the most ideal lighting. Additionally, we prefer to help you (& your planners) build your timeline to ensure there is plenty of time to capture your day as it unfolds organically, but also, with enough time to capture your desired portraits. Our timelines are built with buffers throughout the day to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. In terms of our approach to photographing, we utilize a perfect blend of artistic direction, styled detail shots and portraits and documenting the authentic moments that would otherwise fade into the background. Our approach is honest documentary in nature with the goal of returning a gallery that has an elegant balance of people, details and emotion.

How many images will we get?

The industry standard is 50 images per hour of coverage. However, I tend to err on the side of 80-100 final images per hour of coverage.

What happens if our lead photographer gets sick or has some sort of emergency right before the wedding?

The thought of having an emergency come up right before your wedding feels like the end of the world - especially when you love and trust your photographer. However, it’s so important that you hold onto that trust in our team as we always have a plan B (and even C) in place so you never have to worry about coverage. Leading up to a wedding, we plan our schedules very carefully to ensure we avoid any possible complications that may come up with travel delays, health complications and more. Should something come up that prevents us from attending your wedding, we will work tirelessly to arrange a replacement photographer of equal caliber and, more importantly style. With years in the industry, we have a strong network to support us in an unlikely circumstance. Alternatively, we would return your investment and allow you to make your own arrangements if you so choose. 

How long does it take for you to deliver our images?

Our number one priority in creating images is quality. You simply cannot rush art. We are extremely passionate about details and aim for perfection when it comes to your final photos. Turnaround times for engagement and portrait sessions average 3-5 weeks. Turnaround times for weddings and elopements averages 8-10 weeks. Film is the exception and may take twice as long to process and deliver but truly yield the most beautiful results, as in–it’s worth the wait.

Is travel/accomodation included in your pricing?

Yes, travel is included in our packages. However, if you opt to custom build your package, travel costs will be added into your final proposal.

Do we need to make a shot list of the photos we want?

The short answer is ‘no’. Our hands-on, detail-oriented approach ensures you’ll have more photos than you could ever imagine. However, when it comes to both your flatlay details and your family photos, we will have some homework for you to complete to help us help you. Additionally, about three months ahead of your wedding day, you’ll receive a questionnaire from us that walks us through what you imagine for your wedding day. The information provided will help us understand any planned or surprise moments as well as any special people or unique details that are most important to you.

What if it rains? What if we have to reschedule due to weather or a natural disaster?

Although having rain on your wedding day is considered lucky, it's not exactly what most people wish for. That being said, we've encountered the challenges that inclement weather can present numerous times, and some of our proudest images come from rainy celebrations. In the event that it rains on your wedding day, we’ll already have collaborated closely with your wedding planner or event coordinator to devise a solid backup plan, and even a backup to the backup. In such situations, our wealth of experience, expertise, and creativity truly come into play and prove their worth. If adverse weather conditions reach a point where rescheduling becomes absolutely necessary, rest assured that each wedding and circumstance is unique, and we tailor our approach accordingly. Remember, we're here as your steadfast partner and friend throughout this journey.

Do you include all of the images you take from the day or are there a limited number of images we get?

The images we provide in your online gallery – typically ranging from 80 to 100 per hour of coverage – are thoughtfully curated based on their content and composition. We meticulously select the highest-quality photos from various angles and setups. Images that don't make the final cut often include those with closed eyes, less-than-flattering expressions, or noticeable and unintentional blurriness. Before sharing them with you in the online gallery, we ensure that all the final pictures receive enhancements in color and exposure to bring out the best possible version.

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Take the engagement photos

Being a traveling wedding photographer means our couples are spread across the globe. Because of that, we often don't get the chance to meet face-to-face during the initial booking. That's where the engagement session comes in—it's the perfect opportunity for us to connect, for you to become comfortable in front of our lens, and to enjoy the experience of being photographed. We've discovered that engagement sessions work wonders in making our clients feel more relaxed on their big day. What's more, these sessions are an absolute blast, allowing us to create stunning, adventurous images, unrestricted by the typical constraints of a wedding day.


Work with a skilled wedding planner

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, brimming with elegant details, meticulously crafted timelines, cherished loved ones, and a tidal wave of emotions. A skilled wedding planner possesses the ability to take your vision and elevate it to heights beyond your wildest dreams, affording you the luxury of enjoying a stress-free wedding day that's nothing short of magical.

Our team forges a close partnership with the wedding planners chosen by our couples. This collaboration ensures that we have the privilege of capturing every exquisite facet of your special day. Working hand-in-hand with a talented planner streamlines the photography process, allowing us to focus exclusively on crafting captivating images while entrusting the intricate wedding logistics to the planners. Among the many exceptional wedding planners and designers we recommend are:


Be mindful of your getting ready location

The first few hours of documenting your wedding day unfold as you're getting ready. Whether you opt for a luxurious bridal suite, a charming hotel room, or another special location to prepare for your wedding day, it's crucial to consider the backdrop of the space you're in. This location serves as the backdrop for the majority of your detail shots, dress photos and those initial portraits with your closest friends and family. We highly recommend choosing a spacious, well-lit location with an abundance of natural light and a décor that harmonizes with the overall ambiance of your wedding. This ensures a seamless visual narrative that flows throughout your special day.


Details really do matter

We have a deep appreciation for styling still shots, particularly when we can incorporate meaningful items that you hold dear. In addition to the precious details that represent your wedding day like your entire invitation suite with stamps and envelopes, we also ask that you include any welcome bags, favors, all paper-based items, your dress, shoes, wedding and engagement rings and any other distinctive elements from your wedding day that you'd like to have captured. Consider also sharing family heirlooms, cherished jewelry, delicate ribbons, elegant fabrics, and other items that can elevate the artistry of your photographs. To ensure we capture these treasures beautifully, we kindly request that you have your wedding and bridal details thoughtfully organized in a bag or box where you'll be getting ready, allowing us to document them when we arrive.


Consider an unplugged ceremony

Cell phones and iPads pose a considerable challenge for us during your ceremony. We've found that, inevitably, one or more of your guests will attempt to document your vows using their phones, tablets, or personal cameras. Unfortunately, these devices can get in the way of the photographs, introducing distracting elements that obscure the genuine expressions and emotions of both you and your loved ones. To capture the most authentic and photojournalistic moments of your special day, we highly recommend that you have your guests stow away their devices and immerse themselves fully in the ceremony. This allows us to craft photographs that truly encapsulate the essence and beauty of your commitment to one another.


Allow extra time into your wedding timeline

Sticking to the wedding timeline is hugely important in order to ensure a stress-free day with photos to show for it. Things like hair and makeup running behind schedule can impact any plans for pre-ceremony portraits. We encourage all of our couples to build extra time into their timeline (30 minutes to an hour) around the essential parts of your getting-ready process. In an ideal scenario, this strategy allows for timely completion and even grants you a still moment to savor a glass of champagne before the ceremony begins. As a helpful tip, when communicating the timeline to your family and bridal party for portrait readiness, consider providing a time that's 15 minutes earlier than the actual portrait start time to ensure everyone arrives promptly. This extra cushion ensures a smoother flow and keeps the day's schedule on track. Extra time in your day allows for events and moments to unfold naturally which in return gives you images you would not otherwise have.


Know what time the sun sets

We initiate early discussions about the photography timeline to maximize stunning moments. Lighting matters and because of that, we emphasizing the importance of capturing details, decor, and portraits in beautiful natural light. Together with your wedding planner, we create a timeline aligned with the best light conditions. We recommend knowing the sunset time on your wedding day and, ideally, visiting your venue a year in advance to understand the lighting throughout the day. This helps choose the perfect times for your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception.


Trust us

To ensure a perfect match, we place a significant emphasis on getting to know you and the details of your wedding day before your commitment with booking us. We're eager to learn about your personalities, families, and your story together to truly grasp who you are. With the help of an engagement session, you should have a clear picture of what to anticipate on your wedding day with regards to photography. It's a time to relax, be yourselves, and entrust the rest to us, allowing you to savor the experience to the fullest.


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