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Picture this: You're overlooking the endless white cave houses that are scattered across Greece, photographing the perfectly curated details of a destination wedding celebrating your DREAM couple in Santorini while the glowing sun is setting over the island. The gentle sound of waves crashing below, the joyous laughter of the couple and their loved ones, and the breathtaking backdrop of a dreamy destination—all framed perfectly in your lens. Sounds like a dream, right?

breathe - This is where I come in

But here's the thing: Becoming a sought-after destination wedding photographer isn't just about snapping pretty pictures. It's about mastering the art of storytelling through your lens, building a thriving and client experience-focused business, and living life on your terms.

The problem? Many aspiring wedding photographers are passionate about photography but struggle to turn it into a profitable career. They're overwhelmed by the complexities of the industry, unsure how to market themselves effectively, and craving the guidance of a seasoned pro who's been there, done that.


Meet Whitney

Lover of love, travel & the two coming together

My heart and passion for this work is summed up by the act of service. From the first wedding I ever photographed to ones years later—I’ve yet to come down from the high of being part of a couple’s best day and putting it in digital form to look back on for a lifetime. I take my craft seriously, and that means serving you in all aspects on your wedding day, and the days leading up to it.

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Attracting & Converting Dream Clients



4 Month Coaching 1-on-1 Program

An all-encompassing 4 month program. Meet with Whitney 1-on-1 on a weekly basis & cover everything that goes into running a successful wedding photography business in depth. Weekly discussion topics may include: Workflow, client communication, outreach / prospecting clients, attracting in your ideal client, social media marketing, gallery delivery, pricing yourself, posing & more.

Additionally, you'll have the option to attend two live couples sessions where you'll get to practice photographing couples directly with the support and guidance of Whitney. You'll also have the option to join Whitney as a second shooter at up to 4 weddings based on your availability.

$750/month for 4 months


Full Day In-Person Mentorship

An 8 hour day where we will cover the basics of everything I do from start to finish. We can add or subtract topics from the day based on what you already know or topics you want to dive deeper into. Topics may include: Workflow, editing, client communication, outreach / prospecting clients, bringing in your ideal client, gallery delivery, pricing yourself, posing & more.

This session includes a sunset shoot with a real couple so you can see how I photograph, pose and direct them. But, if you’re like me, you learn by doing so I'll also let you photograph & direct them while I step aside to help with any questions you have and give feedback. Nothing is off the table with this session, you can ask anything and everything! I'm an open book. 

$1500 for full day


Q&A Virtual Mentorship Session

Looking to have just a few questions answered, want feedback on your website, social media platforms, or want to discuss a topic or two in depth? Let's set up a call where we can discuss the topic(s) of your choice.

30 minute & 1-hour sessions available. Starts at $200.

The time is now. Don't wait until you're stuck in the middle of your next busy season before deciding to transform your business.

The time is now. Take your business to new heights with Whitney. 



for photographers

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Running out of ideas on how to pose your couples? Stuck with photos that lack movement and life? Do your business and your couples a favor by grabbing my guide on candid prompts to use at your next session!

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